All Decolove pieces may last in beauty for a long time, they need special treatment and care.

Our handmade silk flowers should not get wet or damp. They are not machine washable and we recommend hand cleaning if necessary, however we cannot guarantee their flawless appearance subsequently. Please handle them with care and do not place objects on top of the flowers as this may wrinkle and flatten them. Store them safely in the Decolove box they came in.

Our brass and silver headpieces are bendable and easy to adapt to many different hairstyles. You should remember to do this in a delicate way in order not to break the handmade elements. We also advise you not to use any hairstyling products directly on them because they may cause corrosion and leave a matt coating.

All veils come in Decolove boxes and they will probably need to be steamed before wearing. You can also use mist and let them dry. Optionally you can iron the veil using the lowest possible temperature setting and pressing very gently as higher temperature might ruin the fabric.

To keep the dust off simply store your precious accessory in the box it came in.

In case of any questions, please contact us at

If you receive the incorrect product or if your product arrives damaged (not due to shipping and handling) please email us, you will need to notify us within 48 hours and we will repair it or replace it, as needed. After 48 hours we reserve the right to weave any such demand.


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